Monday, September 26, 2016


Great fun watching Donald sniffle and yell his way through his ticket back to private life. The faces are priceless. Can't wait for the compilation video. Now that the first half hour is over, he seems to be comfortable talking about himself. Basically, he can barely shut up long enough for anyone else to get a word in edgewise. He can hardly stand to hear the moderator say a single word. "Excuse me!," he bellows. He steps over just about every word that Hillary says. She bravely keeps talking while he is losing his mind on the national debate stage. I would suggest that he medicate before the next debate. Perhaps one blue valium and one to two percosets every twenty minutes thereafter. Hillary is a paragon of self-control. Her face shines with her more than ample sense of humor. Meanwhile she makes more sense than any other candidate in this race has made for two years.


  1. She really did show a wonderful and up-to-the minute command of the issues and ideas that matter the most to Americans. Her thoughts on race relations and police shootings were very progressive. I noticed that she lamented the incarceration of Black and Latinos in NYC under Giulani's, "Stop and Frisk," law for non-violent offenses. I guess it would not have been very prudent to mention that the majority of law enforcement issues with this policy were over simple marijuana possession.

    Trump, OTOH, trumpeted the virtues of, "Law and Order," in essence rubber-stamping every police shooting of the last however many years.

    Clinton very ably defended her negotiation of the Iran nuclear agreement. She refrained from outright ridicule when Trump accused her of not having the stamina to be president. I believe that as SOS, Hillary visited more countries than any of her predecessors.


  2. SNL's cold open last night perfectly captured the highlights of the debate. Baldwin is hilarious, as is McKinnon.

    Since the debate, Trump has dug his hole deeper by mean-girl tweeting about a former Miss Universe and her non-existent "sex tapes," and recently mocking a sick Hillary Clinton and then suggesting that she was unfaithful to Bill. (Irony is dead -- Trump has a long sordid history of infidelities, adulteries, and multiple marriages, and he's pointing his fingers to a woman who forgave an unfaithful husband and kept her marriage vows?

    He's a seedy little weasel.

  3. Hey Shaw,

    I had to wake up early this morning for special services. I usually wake up by loading the dishwasher when I am not confident that coffee alone will bring me back to professional reality quickly. Although I do love to wake up with strong coffee and a blog or two, normally I wouldn't watch a ten minute video before church on Sunday. This one was pretty funny. It's mostly funny that Trump is so gullible.

  4. Bros,

    A reminder. Off topic comments will generally be deleted, particularly if they indulge in petty squabbling, name-calling, bickering, etc.


    I'm sorry I deleted your humorous comment whilst deleting the argument between Dervish and Luke. But it might have been considered just a little bit sexist or even misogynist. Why don't you like Hillary? What's wrong baby? She's a beautiful United States leader. I'm crazy about her. I can't wait until she makes Donald cry like the big Baby Hughie that he is.

  5. What "argument"? I was objecting to Luke trolling your blog (referring to you as a "scumbag" and spamming you with content from his blog) as well calling you "one of [Dervish's] a**hole buddies". BTW, regarding your comment that we should "never underestimate Hillary hatred", Luke thinks it's the Hillary supporters who are the haters. According to what he's written on his blog "I'm rooting for Trump, if for no other reason than to shove it down the throats of these mean, hate filled, crazy liberals who think attacking with hate is the only way to win an election". Sounds to me like he's agreeing with Pence, who said (at the VP debate) that Hillary is running an "insult driven campaign".

  6. Shaw never stole your posts. Flying Junior never stole any of your posts. YOU are the one spamming people with your posts. Ergo Luke is the scumbag. As for the comments I've submitted to your blog... you troll me (and for 5 years), I troll you. You're Steve (proven), and Steve is a grade-A jackass who has been harassing me for 5 years. As for "I support anyone they oppose" and "I support Clinton"... you realize these are contradictory statements? Probably not, given that you are insane. Or an idiot who thinks it's funny to act insane.