Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Aretha Recorded this One in 1969

Tracks of My Tears - Linda Ronstadt - 1975 from Chris on Vimeo.

I'm sure that Linda Ronstadt was familiar with Aretha's version of this bittersweet love song by Smokey Robinson and the Miracles. The similarities between the two interpretations explain some of the inspiration behind Linda's 1975 recording that I have decided to share with you here. This has always been just about my favorite Linda Ronstadt song. It is the reason that she is my favorite vocalist from the time. I don't sob uncontrollably when I listen to this one the way I do with some of her other songs, but I usually get a just a little bit wet around the corneas.


  1. Love her "Canciones de mi Padre."

    THAT puts tears in my eyes!

    Nice new digs, FJ.

  2. I shall look forward to watching this. Thank you for the gift. Of course the sound must be on my JBL powered studio monitors. Nothing else would do.

  3. So after youtubing around the other night, I came across the official video for this song. It features a nice video of the recording of the successful take in the studio. You can clearly see friend and long-time collaborator J.D. Souther playing acoustic guitar and singing backup along with the bass player, Kenny Edwards. You also see Dan Dugmore making his pedal steel guitar cry and sing. Linda is adorable as she knows that this is the take that they will put on the album