Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Putin Has Good Reason to Hate Hillary Clinton

My mentor and blogging inspiration, Southern Beale, has authored a post about historic problems between HRC and the Vlad.  I could simply link to her article, because, without any doubt, she is a far better journalist, than I could ever even hope to be.  And I should probably be attributing to her the genius that is her own.

But instead, I hope to gain some recognition for my established skills as a blog commenter.

Herewith, what I said to my friend, Southern Beale:

You don’t have the resources to garner the Pulitzer Prize for Investigatory Journalism, but you would have my vote for Explanatory Journalism.  Sadly it will take something more than informed journalists and their somewhat more than liberal readers to save our nation today. We are in extreme danger.
Some of us just believe that we will all be okay.  Well… That sounds nice. But it’s not going to happen without republican politicians playing good cop, nice cop.  I don’t have the nerve to ask you what you predict for the future. But I will join with you in fighting the monster Trump, his greedy and evil cohorts and minions, and most of all, the relentlessly stupid and feckless U.S. electorate that thinks that they can just piss off the next democratic candidate, HRC, as if none of this really mattered whatsoever.
How stupid does one have to be to believe all of the lies about HRC? Don’t answer that.
Stupidity is our greatest enemy. In this way, every third world country in the world today outperforms us in every way possible and in every way imaginable. We are blessed to be the recipients and heirs of the greatest efforts to achieve a universal commonwealth as well as the greatest experiment in self-governance ever seen on earth, coupled with the greatest ever system of regulated capitalism that has rocketed us to the heights of world dominance. Yet we are stupid enough to succumb to the exact problems that were exploited by every fascist dictator the world has ever known, rather than work together in a spirit of cooperation.
God help us.