Thursday, October 06, 2016

Thoughts on the Election

If anyone out there is not planning to vote for Hillary, basically it's like a half-vote for Trump, no matter what state you vote in. Numbers count. Personally, I would like this to be a shellacking such as our country has never seen before.

We want to plaster this guy so that he cries all the way home like a little baby that just got his ass kicked by a big bully. Like a spoiled brat who just dropped his ice cream cone into the sand. We want to show the world that a sick fuck like Trump has no place in American politics. Anybody that hates women as much as Trump should be universally shunned by all media. And most of all, we want Hillary to kick his sorry butt. So it comes from a girl. We're talking a virtual shut-out. We need to be united in rejecting all forms of misogyny and sexism. A monster like Trump must be soundly destroyed by the vote.

If anyone out there has some male chauvinist pig buddy that you know is going to vote for Trump, unless he's your boss, or otherwise holds the keys to destroy your life, you need to shame that disgusting pig into voting for HRC or at least staying home. If it is a woman, all the more shame for betraying her gender in supporting the likes of Trump.

And any media figure who softballs Trump and acts like he is an honorable man just to go along to get along... Well, just fucking quit it, starting now. He's not that cute. His latest verbal bowel movement is not front page news.

As Americans, we also reject all form of racism, xenophobia and hatred. Did I mention that his ideas, or lack thereof would be dangerous in the leader of the free world?


  1. I don't see how Trump will survive this latest revelation about how he views women. How could any woman vote for this pig?

    The usual right wing blogs and bloggers are dismissing his indecent remarks about women as nothing more than locker room talk and they're hanging onto the "Bill did it too!" excuse. Because they're not bright enough to understand that by saying "Bill did it too," they're admitting Trump is no better than Bill, and that means the morally indecent right wingers are okay with Trump being a repulsive sexist but it wasn't okay when Bill was.

    Those Trump supporters have no moral grounding, they're voting for a swine because they hate Hillary more than they love America. And now they're stuck with a disgusting misogynist who bragged about grabbing a woman's p***y because he's a star, and trying to f**k a married women, while he was recently married to Wife #3.

    The Christian right is okay with this.

  2. That scandal broke right on cue, proving my point!

    I guess the blatant, criminal sexual assault really is the worst of it. And then bragging about it. Where does that even come from?

  3. Trump is clearly a misogynist, thinking he can do anything to women, including just grabbing them by the crotch if he wants to sleep with them. He apologized, but only because he HAD to. Previously he brushed off criticisms by saying "a lot of that was done for the purpose of entertainment...". Except that this latest revelation was something he said when he was unaware his mic was on. So, his claim that "there's nobody, nobody that has more respect for women than I do", I think many women are going to have a hard time believing that.

    As for Luke, he writes about "hate" a lot. In his post he refers to "hate filled candidates", but he's the hater. Proof of his hate is his totally unwarranted use of the word "scumbag" in reference to Flying Junior, re prior "thefts" that never occurred. Flying Junior, nor anyone he accuses of stealing from him wants his material. He is an idiot.

  4. Can't say I disagree with you, Senor Sanders.

    It was one of those lame "sorry you were offended" types of apologies.

  5. Trump said, "A lot of that was done for the purpose of entertainment, and you know when people hear it and they hear - there's nobody, I can tell you this, there's nobody, nobody that has more respect for women than I do. And I will make --"

    The reporter interjected, "Are you trying to tamp it down now?"

    Trump replied, "Well, it's not a question of trying. It's very easy, but you know, you're in the entertainment business, you're doing 'The Apprentice,' you have one of the top shows on television, and you say things differently for a reason, and now it's a much different world."

    Nobody? Not even Pope Francis? Jason Mraz? Johnnie Mathis? Trump is living in his own little world.

  6. Tell me, are you "entertained" by all this?

  7. Note voting is a half vote for Trump. Throwing your vote away on one of the two spoilers (I admit, I was tempted at one point) is a full vote for Trump.

  8. There is no cowardice in not bothering to submit to demands for clownfights.

    Why don't you send whatever it is to Tom instead?

  9. There is no cowardice in not bothering to submit to demands for clownfights.

    Why don't you send whatever it is to Tom instead?

  10. FYI, I admit that I sent Luke MANY comments (and that I am STILL sending him comments). WHY? Because he has been trolling my blog for around 5 years, as "Steve" (proven, the account #s are the same) and as TOM (99.9 percent likely. I would bet a LOT of money on it). Up until now I've just had to put up with it (extreme profanity, lewd and explicit homophobic comments, etc). Now he made the mistake of setting up a blog, you're damn right I'm going to harass him in exchange for his 5 years of harassing me. FYI, this is the same person who is the primary critic of Rational Nation. And why he hates who he hates (everyone who comments on the Rational Nation blog and allows Rational Nation to comment on their blog). All the comments re "Jew hate" (dmarks knows what I'm talking about) are his. He is the individual who has also been harassing RNUSA, Progressive Eruptions, The Swash Zone, etc for years. That people know who "Luke" is, I think, important. BTW, he could have EASILY, if he really wanted just to blog, come back with a new identity and nobody would have been the wiser. But he chose to continue trolling. Because he can't help himself. And, IMO, he should NOT be allowed to get away with it. As long as "Words and Music" is open (Luke's blog)... as far as I'm concerned... IT IS WAR.

    1. It was all obvious to me, Me. Sanders. But I didn't know all the details. Thanks for the elaboration.

      And I had forgotten about Steve. Yes, the Luke comments are identical.

      Good luck in the just fight, Dervish. Just bathe often.... Tom flings.

  11. Okay Bros,

    I am so happy that you have all worked this out. Let me reiterate, no more bitching and fighting on the Dog Report.

    There is nothing wrong with Luke that can't be worked out with normal human kindness.

    Dervish and Dmarks. I love talking to you guys. Many happy futures.


    Just be a child of the light. Blog for truth and harmony. Be part of the solution. None of us are all that different from each other. We are all Americans. I guess that Hillary's bid for the presidency has brought that into a clear focus such as never could have even been conceived. Good republicans are voting for HRC. What other candidate could have brought that about except the devil Trump?

    Just work for beauty and reconciliation. I don't expect to see any more fights on my blog. God knows I rarely have the time to say anything worthwhile. Just be my friends. Work out your differences somewhere else.

    The next post on the Dog Report will be important. It may not be until early next year.