Thursday, June 05, 2008

Why I am not on board with Obama and the greatest thing to happen in politics today

I am like many people, one who very quickly fell in love with Obama. I saw him give the keynote address at the 2004 convention. By the time I saw Obama girl, it should have been all over. Obama is an exciting, principled and powerful force. His ideas about restoring foreign policy and alliances soothed my ailing soul. But it didn't take me long to fall for Hillary in much the same way. The more that I actually heard her speak and debate, the more I liked her. Of course, we must put aside the differences of this campaign and unite as democrats behind Barack. Unfortunately, that may not be so easy. There is blatant hostility from both the HRC and BHO camps which is unprecedented in the history of our party. I have had to stand idly by while my party was criticized ruthlessly. I could say nothing because every accusation was true. The past several years, seen by most intelligent Americans as a damning record of the many sins of George W. Bush, are really a greater indictment of the collapse of the party that has consistently held dear the dreams of the rank and file American. In my opinion, Obama rises above this system-wide failure. But how do I know? It seems that the donkey has learned from the pig to trust in the joys of the feeding trough above all else. The failure of the 2002 congress to stand up to Bush' threat of war. The no less heinous failure of the democratically controlled congress to oppose any and all subsequent war funding measures. The insider control exhibited by the party elite which stood idly by or else pushed an Obama victory. These are not the earmarks of the party I understood to represent my best hopes. I have many times defended Obama against charges of under-handed attacks levelled at Hillary throughout this campaign. I didn't believe that he condoned or controlled the behavior of those campaigning on his behalf. But once that behavior has been examined publicly many times and yet continues, Obama does not get a pass. I can't ignore the outcry that he has caused in the feminist community. If he can't manage his own campaign, he will have difficulty with a conservative pentagon and CIA. I think he is naive and will get trounced if and when he gets to the White House, just like Jimmy Carter did. Little things count too. His cordiality seems to have a cynical air that he can't turn off. His apologies sound like he is apologizing for anyone simple enough to not understand that his statements were justified. I just don't like him that much anymore. Still I'm hoping against hope that he truly can unite our party and lead us to victory. What choice do I have? I haven't lost sight of what truly is at stake as have many of my friends. But he has wittingly or unwittingly alienated many in his own party.

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  1. At long last a post on the Dog Report! Very thoughtful and I share your feelings on Obama. I hope this will be the first of many more.



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