Monday, June 11, 2007

When Government Interference Includes Surgery

Call me selfish, irresponsible or just plain crazy, I don't get my male dogs neutered. First and foremost, I wouldn't want it to happen to me, so I just don't have the heart. Secondly, it destroys their gender. How can anyone really be a man after that has been taken away. Thirdly, I don't believe it is healthy to upset the natural balance of hormones. I've seen a lot of lean, powerful, intact males, as well as several overweight and puny neutered males. Since most female dogs in my community are generally spayed, the only time problems come up is when someone is trying to breed a female. What a great way to meet your neighbors! We don't need the sweeping manadatory spaying and neutering described in the California Assembly bill passed just last week. We have no right to own horses, sheep, goats, llamas or even chickens within the city. Now they want to attack our dogs and cats. The alarming statistics are not a clarion call to legislate away our most cherished freedoms. It is a matter of personal responsibility. It will also make it a lot harder to find the dog of your dreams. If this gets through the Senate at all, never my how it is amended, I hope that Arnold steps up to the plate with a nice double to prove that he really is the governor of California.


  1. So, if a woman has a hysterectomy, is she no longer a woman? Of course not.

    I have 7 cats and three dogs, and everyone is neutered. Trust me, they still show gender! My neutered males are very much boy dogs; my male cat still mounts the females (this is not about dominance with cats as it is with dogs). My female cats still go through a "heat," meowing around the house, though thank God it's not as bad. I've been through heat with one female cat, before I had her neutered. What a freaking nightmare.

    I've volunteered at too many animal shelters around this country, seen too many animals destroyed because of overpopulation, to think that not neutering them is OK. And I don't care how dilligent an owner is, where there's a will, there's a way.

  2. I respect your point of view. I just don't want it to be mandatory.

  3. Uh OOOH...


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