Saturday, May 16, 2015

Test Your Political Savvy

This woman is a scream. Good Luck


  1. The secret service... The only law enforcement agency in the country that will get in trouble if a Black man gets shot.

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  3. Some bloggers blog way too much. I would venture to say, Flying Jr. that you blog too little. I'd be interested in more of what you have to say.

  4. I have been kicking around an idea about a science post on the Pacific Decadal Oscillation.

    How about an invite to the Throw-Away Blog or whatever you call your current incarnation? I'll do my best to behave like a gentleman.

  5. I know you would. You conduct yourself with class. However, my own blog has been really dormant for a couple of years. If I were to think of posting again, I'd request permission on Swash. But I've not gotten that far yet.

  6. I've limited the blogs I look at, FJ. Which ones do you recommend?

  7. Me and the boys have a lot of fun going back and forth over gun policy in the U.S.A. at mikeb's place.

    Southern Beale is a journalist. She blogs on everything from Tennessee politics to gun control.

    She has an interesting blogroll. I always get a laugh going over to her friend Juanita Jean who mercilessly takes apart the Texas politicians.

    The one thing I don't have is any bloggy friends here in California??

  8. Madam Hillary Clinton by far, the most annoying voice ever heard coming from a Presidential Candidate. Maybe thats why no one wants to go to her rallies?
    Probably, for many of us, she sounds like one of our "Angry/Bitching Relatives", right?
    Maybe someones Mother In Law from Hell? The voice of a Howler monkey is more pleasant than hers.
    So what does Hillary sound like to you? Maybe your brakes as they were on their last leg before you tailgated a bus? Maybe for some of us, Hillary sounds like an annoying 70 year old waiter that gave you the worst restaurant experience? What about a pet? wild animal? Maybe a parrot? old cat? Or Godzilla with the flu?
    Or some one in the toilet after a long night of eating Mexican food.

  9. Jr.... where ya gone?

    Or did you figure was going on politically at the time!