Friday, July 15, 2011

The Face of Evil

When the news item on the debt ceiling battle leads with a spot from Rush Limbaugh, you feel the hatred and stupidity. You see the viewers barraged and badgered with the same propaganda techniques he pioneered on his radio show. A phony liberal tries to blame republicans for threatening SS and Veteran's benefits with government default while a chorus o banshees accuses the president of fear-mongering. Well... Fuck FOX News. If you watch it, you are a victim.

More to the point... Who knows what one might find if you turn over enough stones. You may just find yourself staring straight into the very face of evil.


  1. A republican strategist just said only 25% of Americans want the debt ceiling raised. Now, is this a true statement by him or more bullshit. If true it just shows how misinformed Americans are, how utterly stupid and lazy when it comes to the government workings. FOX has alot to do with the uneducated American, it's all so pitiful!

  2. Sue, a 5/8/2011 Gallup poll claims that only 19 percent of Americans think the debt ceiling should be raised, while 47 percent said it should not be raised. These people are either dumb or not paying a lot of attention and have fallen for the GOP propaganda. The same poll says only 23 percent of Americans are following the issue "very closely".

    On the other hand, it has been alleged that Gallup is biased. A Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll from 7/7/2011 says 38 percent think debt ceiling should be raised versus 31% who think it shouldn't. That's still an awful lot of dummies though.

  3. Just stopped by to day Hello, you commented on my Elton John piece I posted so wanted to stop by. This posting is somewhat dated, however, I do watch FOX NEWS and every other news, whether it's left or right doesnt make much difference to me, most have some slant to them anywayz, and beside's, being a voting Democrat, I keep up this way with what the righht is up to. To each their own. Later ....

  4. I respect all American citizens of good character. I have no criticism for my republican friends and their political beliefs. And I used to try to "keep up" with Rush the way a lot of liberals did.

    I'd say it's a helluva lot more than a slant. It's fucking sickening. I studiously avoid that entire world like raw sewage. The other day, I turned on FOX to entertain an elderly conservative friend of mine. I figured, "How bad could it be now that Beck is gone?" Huge mistake. Bill O'Reilly was race baiting and just tearing into Cornel West and Al Sharpton. The intent was clearly to foment hatred while at the same time assuaging the blatant racism of the right. My poor friend was confused. I had to apologize. FOX news is a powerful and addictive propaganda tool of the worst elements of the extreme right, which I'm sure you understand are trending fairly ugly these days. I'm sure you can watch it objectively and without being influenced. But I sure as hell wouldn't call it news.

    Ended up watching "Tommy" and "I'm Free" from the movie. I think I'll be dropping by to see what music videos you have come up with.


  5. Actually you can just click on the link on the music posting that will take you to what's called "RCJ Music/ Art's Honour Roll Society" which has a fairly good size list of pic's I posted, several of the one's I posted are folk's that I known as well or dealt with.

    As far as being influenced by the programming and such ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... I'm a lil too old for that I reckon. I have both conservative and liberal values and independent, I vote democrat as basically the lesser of two evil's sort of thing, and the Republican Party has really gotten out of whack over the last several myear's especially, I truely dont even know if there is any true conservatism any more ... fiscally, or any other kind. Unfortunately I also see corruption on both side's as far as the money they accept before vote's from special interest's, etc ... long story ... have a good un

  6. Like Ranch Chip, I also watch Fox "News" to see what the other side is up to. However, I can normally only watch 10-15 minutes at a stretch. The lies, demonizing of the left, and hypocrisy gets to be too much.


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