Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Maybe you predicted this too?

Here is a classic e-mail I sent to radio personality, Stacy Taylor in January of 2006 predicting the current chaos in Iraq. Stacy's response is not printed in this blog:
Dear Stacy, It is ironic that you burned Dennis Miller for doing stale material. He went over to the dark side back in March of '03. When it was time for "Shock and Awe," otherwise known as Dolly Parton's left and right titties, right before they decided it wasn 't such a good idea to televise the war, Dennis was saying he had never been so proud to be an American on Leno or one of those late night talk shows. When thinking Americans, reeling from the successful propaganda of American service personnel wearing chemical suits in the desert furnace of the Iraqi summer, were absolutely horrified by the slow, inexorable march to war, Dennis was cheerfully prostituting himself for the neo-conservative chicken hawks. This apparent glee was caused by the televised firebombing and Navy shelling of the city of Baghdad.
Also... now that the "thin green line" report has been made public, it might do to talk about the squandering of the wealth and assets of the most powerful military in the world. We all knew when the enormous Navy cargo vessels were being loaded to the gunwhales with humvees, fighting vehicles and every imaginable type of equipment that none of that equipment would ever return to the U.S. or any other strategic location in the world. The president would have his war no matter what, even as he lied through his teeth about it being Saddam who chose this war. Probably the gas needed to ship all that stuff across the Atlantic caused the oil shortage. If the stated cost of the war is hovering around 250 gigadollars, you know that does not include assets that were already paid for, fuel, or a thousand other hidden costs. The sad part is that even if every American believed that the war would eventually cost more than a trillion dollars, there will someday be 3,000 American dead, and somehow became aware of Iraqi casualties and miraculously actually gave a damn, there would still be those who said it was the right thing to do. At least we got rid of that Saddam!
Fortunately, the Chinese at this time do not seem disposed to attack our interests in the world, but with all this debt they are buying, Kruschev must be laughing in his grave. A very concerned listener who takes this all extremely seriously.

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  1. Your point about the equipment shipped to Iraq is more poignant in the face of the troubles in Kansas with the tornado.


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