Saturday, January 04, 2020

A Grave and Dangerous Error which will put American Lives at Risk for Decades Or: What Did You Expect to Happen when You Put an Unstable Megalomaniac in the White House?

General Qessem Souleimani

General Norman Schwartzkopf

What did these two men have in common during their lifetimes?

The presidency of DJT, hereafter referred to as the monster, has been the cruelest and most despicable assault on all that is holy and honorable about the United States of America.  On almost every level imaginable it has proven to be disastrous beyond our feeble attempts to predict its many bad outcomes.  The damage started in quickly.  As the president sought adulation and fawning from a sycophantic and insane fringe of loyal followers we mostly saw him wasting time as if he hadn’t a care in the world.  His days were full of goofs and gaffs.  He fed his ego into the wee hours exhausting all of those around him only to wake hours later and begin the frightening and atrocious twitter storms for which he is famous.

The odious coalition of fascists, propaganda moguls and neo-conservatives who were forming the crude core of his power-sharing structure quickly found modalities on which to cooperate.  The EPA was to be gutted and reversed and eventually used to attack to very eco-systems it had once protected.  Portions of National Monuments were instantly opened up to oil and mineral interests.  Groundwater purity standards which are a bulwark against reckless extraction were nullified or unenforced.  Air pollution standards were relaxed or abandoned.   A glassy-eyed enemy of public education was made the Secretary of Education.  The one or two bright lights in Trump’s early constellation were quickly stifled such as the frustrated, yet hard-working Rex Tillerson.  Former Trump chief-of-staff, General John F. Kelly says that his rocky tenure in the administration is best measured by what the president did not do.

While the public seemed content to be distracted by Trump’s bromances with the meanest right-wing dictators from Dutarte to Erdogan, to his two BFFs, Putin and Kim Jong-Un, the Korean dictator was working tirelessly to join the international nuclear club as a participating member, making no secret of his hydrogen bomb testing and honing of ICBM missile capabilities.  NK fired one missile straight up into the air.  It was estimated that if this missile had been aimed at Alaska it would have been a direct hit.  Soon we learned that Jong-Un had the capability to drop his deadly payload anywhere on the West Coast of the U.S.  Yet to his adoring public, Trump was a genius who had broken the mold with Korean presidents.  Worthy of historical praise.  He tried in vain to broker a de-nuclearization deal while Jong-Un laughed behind his back.

The demonic congress of flying monkeys wasted no time passing the destructive Great Republican Tax Heist of 2017 before there was any chance of voter backlash at the bitter pill that was the first term of the monster.  Our nation is foerever condemned to unpayable debt.  That simple.  All in the flourish of one Sharpie pen.  Stupid republicans just can’t seem to muster much protestation for some reason.  National Debt is on its way to $30 Trillion with no end in sight. 

But we have now turned a corner from which there is no escape.  The brutal and criminal killing of General Souleimani in the early morning hours of Friday, January 2nd actually occurred on New Year’s Day for the United States.  This date shal be remembered in infamy as perhaps the darkest moment of the turbulent and destructive presidency of the monster.

I can’t say that I could have predicted this.  No one could have exactly done that.  But the signs were unmistakable.  The carefully crafted nuclear containment deal struck between the five permanent members of the U.N. Security Council, plus Germany, The EU and Iran had been brokered with hard work from all sides.  It was the culmination of two years of intensive negotiation and included a path to end all U.S. and UN sanctions against Iran upon verification of compliance.  It contained very specific and measurable goals each one designed to insure a peaceful nuclear program in Iran and a stable peace in the region.  Immediately Trump and the extreme far-right forces began to take this deal apart finally refusing to stay with the accord.  Recklessly throwing away so much work of true men of peace, the vain peacock assured us all that Obama had made a very bad deal for the U.S. and he would replace it with a much better agreement that he was personally working on with his massive intellect.  Stunned, Iran initially tried to meet the EU and Russia halfway by staying within boundaries of the agreement in the hopes of salvaging its broken relationship with the U.S.

Trump has been systematically provoking outright war with Iran ever since.  The dust from the reckless attack which preceded the brief siege on the U.S. Embassy In Iraq had barely settled when out of nowhere Trump calls down judgment upon Iran deeming their responses terrorism and he blatantly assassinated a beloved national leader.  I used the example of comparing Souleimani and Schwarzkopf as a way to illustrate the seriousness of this illegal act of naked aggression.  In truth, I doubt that very many young people today even remember exactly who was General Stormin' Norman Schwartzkopf.  Yet he is a good example of a well-liked and highly respectable military who devoted his life to military service.  I see a bit of the same twinkle in Norman's eye as I do in the Iranian general.  I guess a better example would be if a nation had assassinated 5-star General Dwight David Eisenhower in 1950.  That might give a better example of the generational hatred that our foolish commander-in-chief, the monster himself has brought to rain down on innocent Americans.

It's time to remove him for office ASAP before he does any more intractable damage.



    A guid New-year I wish thee, Maggie!
    Hae, there’s a ripp to thy auld baggie: (handful—stomach)
    Tho’ thou’s howe-backit now, an’ knaggie, (hollow-backed—bony)
    I’ve seen the day
    Thou could hae gaen like ony staggie, (colt)
    Out-owre the lay. (lea)

    Tho’ now thou’s dowie, stiff an’crazy, (drooping)
    An’ thy auld hide as white’s a daisie,
    I’ve seen thee dappl’t, sleek an’ glaizie,
    A bonie gray:
    He should been tight that daur’t to raize thee, (dared—excite)
    Ance in a day.

    Thou ance was I’ the foremost rank,
    A filly buirdly, steve and swank, (strong—firm—stately)
    As e’er tread yird; (earth)
    An’ could hae flown out-owre a stank,
    Like ony bird.

    It’s now some nine-an-twenty year,
    Sin’ thou was my guidfather’s mere;
    He gied me thee, o’ tocher clear (dowry)
    An’ fifty mark;
    Tho’ it was sma’, ‘twas weel-won gear, (well-earned money)
    An’ thou was stark. (strong)

    When first I gaed to woo my Jenny,
    Ye then was trottin wi’ your minnie: (mother)
    Tho’s ye was trickie, slee an’ funnie, (sly)
    Ye ne’er was donsie; (mischievous)
    But hamely, tawie, quiet, an’ cannie, (peaceably handled)
    An’ unco sonsie. (plump)

    That day, ye pranc’d wi’ muckle pride,
    When ye bure hame my bonie bride:
    An’ sweet an’ gracefu’ she did ride,
    Wi’ maiden air!
    Kyle-Stewart I could bragget wide, (have bragged or challenged)
    For sic a pair.

    Tho’ now ye dow but hoyte and hobble, (limp)
    An’ wintle like a saumont-coble, (twist and rock—salmon boat)
    That day, ye was a jinker noble, (runner)
    For heels an’ win’! (wind)
    An’ ran them till they a’ did wauble, (reel)
    Far, far, behin’!

    When thou an’ I were young and skiegh, (high-mettled)
    An’ stable meals at fairs were driegh, (tedious)
    How thou wad prance, an’ snore an’ skriegh, (whinny)
    An’ tak the road!
    Town’s bodies ran, an’ stood abiegh, (out of the way)
    An’ ca’t thee mad.

    When thou was corn’t, and I was mellow,
    We took the road ay like a swallow:
    At brooses thou had ne’er a fellow. (races at a marriage)
    For pith an’ speed;
    But ev’ry tail thou pay’t them hollow,
    Whare’er thou gaed/

    The sma’, drooprumpl’t hunter cattle
    Might aiblins waur’t thee for a brattle; (perhaps beat—short race)
    But sax Scotch mile, thou try’t their mettle,
    An’ gar’t them whaizle:
    Nae whip nor spur, but just a wattle
    O’saugh or hazle. (willow)

  2. Soon, I hope indictments will be making the news. tRump is, aside from being perhaps the nation's most malajusted narcissist, has committed crimes against the people of the USA, our democratic republic, and the constitution.

    May he roast in hell.


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