Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Darrel Issa and Brian Bilbray, My Heroes


 I may have spoken to soon about my own beloved city.  Although it is not yet decided, it is looking very good for both congressman Filner to become our next mayor and also port commissioner, Scott Peters to do the unthinkable, unseat incumbent tea party favorite, Brian Bilbray.  A newly drawn district seems to have made it a little bit more difficult for Brian to hang on.  Oh well, he can always go back to his old job as reported on the election pamphlet so many long years ago, that of IMMIGRATION CONSULTANT.  What a laugh!  Carl DiMaio is a trojan horse if ever there was one.  He talks a game about clean water, ecotourism and solar power, but he really just wants to be the go-to guy for extreme right-wing propagandist and developer, Doug Manchester, owner of the once-vaunted San Diego Union-Tribune.

I have been laughing the last couple of weeks listening to my local hero Brian Bilbray talk about working together with democrats to solve problems. About electing officials based on the character that they possess. My last rant against Bilbray was about him trying to get out the tea party/Ryan budget message on the taxpayer dollar! Meanwhile, back in Reagan Country, both of these men have just assured me on CBS local news that they have a lot of experience working across the aisle with respected colleagues. Okay boys. I'm going to have to hold you to that statement. I'll give you a clean slate starting....RIGHT NOW. Only problem is, monster that he is, Issa could not resist a dig at the president, stating, "Only we need a president who will work together with us to make that happen," or words to that effect. What a fucking dick! No grace. No love.