Friday, April 07, 2017

Middle Fingers Up!

God Bless Rosie O'Donnell.

She is a friend, indeed.

That's the thing.  When you see Trump on the TV or you hear someone mention his name, remember Rosie's call to action.  "Middle Fingers Up!"

The only video that matters right now is the one that should have prevented his election.

Middle Fingers Up!


  1. No, Luke, Flying Junior did not lie! I did a Google search and found that "O'Donnell posted an image of the presidential candidate with the words boy, bye pasted on his face, quoting Beyonce's Sorry lyrics, writing "MIDDLE FINGERS UP!!!!".

    This was in a tweet from 10/20/2016 - before the election. So... I'm guessing Rosie thought Trump was going to lose (hence the "boy, bye")? The "middle fingers up" regarding Trump still applies, however. More than ever, now that he's the "president" and therefore in a position to do great harm to our country - and the world.

    But Luke (having written on his blog how he, prior to the election, was rooting for Trump) clearly relishes the prospect of Trump doing this damage. Because he hates Liberals so much. Which is why he is still rooting for trump.

    Anyway, what is the video that would have prevented Trump's (fraudulent) election? The one that Tom Arnold has were Trump uses the N-word? I don't know why he didn't release it. Apparently Tom Arnold thinks Trump would have won anyway. [comment submitted 4/9/2017].

  2. Hey Dervish,

    The next time I put up a serious and meaningful post, I will be sure to moderate commenting. I don't need the troll Luke poisoning reasoned conversation. I just put this post up out of frustration. I also want as many people as possible to see the FDT video.

    I would like to tag comments with a date and time. I'm going to have to take some blogging tutorials. Most of the time I can't even get the dashboard to come up. The only time I seem to be able to get into writing, publishing, commenting and settings is when I first log in.

    Supposedly it is possible to ban a dick-smoker like Luke, but some third-party plug-ins are needed. First you need a counter that actually identifies IP addresses, then you need a small plug-in that can ban up to three ip addresses.

    I remember Tennessee Guerrilla Women used Haloscan for commenting. I got banned and reinstated with that software. When I got banned, I was posting as "Muttonhead 911"

    4/10 1:54 p.m.

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  4. Oh, sorry Dervish!

    Just click the last two words on the original post. (Hypertext link on Middle Fingers Up!) The twitter tag is actually #FDT It's a fairly outrageous video. I doubt it would have played too well in Indiana, Pennsylvania and Ohio. Or Texas and South Carolina, for that matter.

    Stand with our black, brown and colored communities. Stand with the immigrants. Stand with the good people all across this land and indeed across the world. Denounce racism, xenophobia and discrimination. Fight Trump. Give no quarter. Defeat the menace.

    I keep telling myself that I will someday play it on the big TV with the big speakers, but I don't want to scare Mrs. Junior.

  5. Hey Luke,

    Isn't this your post from last September, Presidential Health? You're just another worthless Hillary hater. Hope you love your president, Luke-Baby, because I hate his bile-filled guts.

    Sorry buddy. You're just another Lisa sock puppet. How much do you get paid to torture liberal bloggers? $50/week? I bet Lisa gets paid enough money to pay her property taxes for all of her good work.

    I'm about through with inviting you over to my place. Buh-Bye Luke the Puke!

  6. Hey Dervish,

    I hope you were able to watch the #FDT video by YG & Nipsey Hustle. It's something else. It's a cold comfort, I confess, at this point in time.

    Why give up all hope? It is not uncommon for conservative judges to rule fairly and justly. But for all of his well-schooled and highly reasonable answers he gave to congress, I imagine that Gorsuch is more about furthering the right-wing cause than he is about allowing black people to vote or women to have access to healthcare. We shall see. It's going to be a hard rain for the foreseeable future.

    Did you hear about the judge in Texas who struck down this year's voter suppression law? Said it unfairly targeted black and Hispanic people. There is always hope.

    Time to turn on moderation. I like to leave it off sometimes because I don't get much traffic. But Luke is such a drag.

    4/10 9:37 p.m.

  7. Middle Fingers Up!

    Love It!!!

    FYI, I added you to my blogroll on my new Rational Nation USA site on WordPress..

  8. Thanks Les. Peace be unto you. Tonight, I'm feeling the beauty, having attended and participated in an extremely well-written and meaningful Maundy Thursday service about the arrest and seven illegal trials of Jesus.

    I want to talk about the role of literature in changing attitudes towards civil rights. I have an idea based on two different short stories from just before and just after WWII.

    Coming soon...

  9. I look forward to them. Literature can be a powerful medium for facilitating change.

    The written word is more powerful than the sword. Changing minds and hearts is lasting, and, those changed often facilitate continued change for the good.

  10. Go away Luke. I thought you were dead.

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